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Art Vitarelli: Producer, Director, Cameraman
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"The Diamond Creek Mine"

Second Unit Director: Art Vitarelli

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“Relative Deceptions” THE MOVIE!

Featuring Joan Day Dykman, Michael Karrigan and John Hostetter. Directed and photographed by Art Vitarelli, music by Steven McClintock, surround sound by Lyon Recording Studio, a Reel Orange Production. Winner of the “New York Art Club Award”.

Reel Available“Relative Deceptions” THE MOVIE!

“Relative Deceptions” THE MOVIE!
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“Call of the Canyon”

“Call of the Canyon”,

A 60-minute documentary production currently in television release. Was the Civil War hero, Major John Wesley Powell, the first person to navigate the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon or did a lone swimmer escaping an Indian attack precede his documented adventure? Impossible! “Ridiculous” – stated the “experts” – nobody could swim the Grand Canyon’s monster rapids and live! I disagree said filmmaker Art Vitarelli, former National Kayaking Champion, and 10-time paddler of the canyons rapids. Created and photographed by Art Vitarelli – postproduction by “Intermountain Network” and seen on national PBS. Marketing available contact Reel Orange.

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“Cartoon Island” 

 100 episodes starring Ron Michaelson and Julia Johnson produced for LIKE/Korean television.  The series follows the adventures of a hapless couple living in a dysfunctional island community.  Created and written by Kristen Rinaker.  Produced by Reel Orange, directed by Art Vitarelli – photographed by Roger Boller. 

Sample reel available. 

Current U.S. marketing coordinated by Craig Kitchens of Hometown Productions.

Cartoon Island: 100 episodes
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“Funny for Money” 

Documentary A ten segment BBC documentary series for international television release.  The series follows the development, writing, marketing, and release of motion pictures.  Interview sequences describe the “process” and the “back-story” behind the finished films.  Photographed by Art Vitarelli, the segment “Funny for Money” received an Emmy nomination. Reel available

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“Voices from the Stone”,

A 60-minute documentary currently in video release.  Photographed over a period of 25 years the story follows the history, conflict, and controversy of river running in the Grand Canyon.  Today the waiting list to run the river, as a non-commercial rafter or kayaker, contains thousands of boaters and the potential wait is over 20 years; this at the same time that commercial tourists can sign up for a river trip with a simple phone call. 

 Created and photographed by Art Vitarelli, narrated by John Hostetter, banned by the National Park Service.

Marketing and distributed by: Reel Orange.

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